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The Sitka Saga is a carefully-crafted northern fantasy story, with most of a trilogy already written. What if Outlander met Harry Potter met Handmaid's Tale? Stick around to find out...


Set against an epic backdrop of mountains, magic, forests, and secrets, The Sitka Saga explores just what can happen when you harness your inner power, through the story of those who had the courage to change their world.

Sitka Frost is not one to settle.


It has been twelve years since the Fever ravaged Rúnsala's Northern Territories and left Sitka’s small mountain village reeling in its wake. Hope for a better future is available, but only across the border at the prestigious Sarona Academy, which no Northerner has been allowed to attend for over 100 years. After years of pleading, Sitka becomes the first Northerner in a century accepted to study the healing arts, but in order to stay, she must prove herself to the circle of elite Nobles who control the Southern Province. 


On an ambitious mission to bring justice to the North while concealing peculiar budding talents, Sitka’s dreams of impressing the Nobles are thrust aside when she becomes a suspect in a mysterious accident. Suddenly, she finds herself the subject of a scrutiny that could jeopardize not only her hidden powers, but the future of her people.

Nineteen-year-old Tanya Kedrov...

wanted nothing more than to be accepted to a prestigious university and leave her lackluster life behind.


Fueled by an obsession with the disappearances in her hometown, Tanya sets out to find a connection among Iron County’s history of disappearances, in the hopes that her research will secure her a better future. Her research leads her to a secret hidden in the deep of Minnesota’s wilderness, a secret no one else will believe. And when Tanya encounters the charismatic Sitka Frost, she finds herself caught between two worlds and in the thick web of ties that binds them together.


You can read the first 3 chapters of the Sitka Saga for free here:


​We are building a community of story-lovers who want to be a part of the world of Sitka, in a supportive creative environment where we each bring out the magic within us



We invite our readers to journey into a complex fantasy world of captivating stories, mind-blowing art, and magical intrigue. We value quality art, and don't churn out things just to sell them. The world of Sitka has been in development for over a decade, and the books and films will be some of the most interesting you have ever experienced.  



Most readers or viewers do not have a readily-available central community to bond with fellow fans, much less the ability to get to know the author and discuss the story with her. Along with opportunities for paid fanfiction, regular collaborative brainstorming Story Hours, and a custom-built TTRPG, this is truly a community-driven story experience. We aim to create an oasis for creative souls to find space to connect and experiment.



We believe that fans are integral to the evolving success of a story franchise and should have the opportunity to have a stake in the world they help create. Our Community Authorship Program will allow members to share in royalties from the Sitka Saga IP. At least 3 books, in 3 Acts each, will be published. A full half of all royalties, including those from books and digital collectibles, will be available to those that contribute to the story.



We aim to be the definitive hub for those at the forefront of storytelling in the digital age. We have formed a "Guild of Scribes" of working writers, and offer regular workshops, coaching, and support for those looking to improve their storytelling (or learn for the first time!). We believe that storytelling is a super power for individuals and brands to bring clarity and influence to what they do. 

In short, this is a community-driven, community-rewarded storytelling movement.

The first of its kind. 


The vision of the Sitka Saga itself is to empower people to accept their whole selves, and by accepting their true selves to make a better world.


Act I

Act I (first third of Book 1 of the series, I Am the North) will be launched as a manuscript in e-book, audiobook, and limited digital collectible format.


We are exploring some optional Web3 tools that may be incorporated because of the unique ways tokenized data can be used for a story-based community (see https://northernwords.blog/2022/06/30/why-im-publishing-in-web3/ for full details on why this intrigues us). However, there is plenty of value here for anyone regardless of whether or not you are interested in that.

  • We are in talks with a number of Web3 publishers including BookCoin for exploring ways to launch the manuscript itself in a fully decentralized, immutable reader


Act I will feature multiple cover art variations with story characters hand drawn by our amazing artist Nate

For full roadmap and art details see our whitepaper.

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Acts II and III

The story continues with Acts II and III. Each manuscript picks up where the last left off, and owners of a given Act will be able to access subsequent Acts for free. 


Cover art variations for Act II will consist of landscapes of Rúnsala, and for Act III will depict magical powers.


Our community authorship program will have launched, whereby members will be able to earn royalty share by completing one or more simple actions each quarter (e.g. polls on story direction and feedback). For details see our whitepaper.


Other community initiatives launching during this time will include fanfiction contests and our scholarship fund, as well as expanding the scope of our Guild of Scribes.


After all three Acts are published, the full book, I Am the North, will be released in all the same formats as well as physical print.


Readers will be able to combine digital collectible versions of each Act together in order to get a full book collectible. Cover art for these books will feature the specific character, landscape, and power from the Acts you combine.

Books 2 and 3 will be launched in a similar manner, over the next couple years, with early access and discounts given to those that own the first Book.



We see gaming as simply an extension of storytelling, in its most immersive form. Our vision is to build out Rúnsala as fully as possible in select metaverse and gaming environments, with meaningful story quests that tie into the story arcs of the Sitka Saga.


We are working on integrating with existing leading game and metaverse communities. Additionally, we have already developed our own custom text-based RPG called Tales of Rúnsala (ToR), which you can play in our Discord.


We will be writing and building Sitka World for years; this is our life's work.

We envision expanding to other media including graphic novels and films. We have a number of connections with film communities and investors who are eager to see the Sitka Saga brought to life on the screen.

We'd love to create immersive IRL experiences and trips related to the story.

Your feedback and contributions will play a huge role in where this all goes. And we truly look forward to that journey.

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Rae Wojcik

Co-founder, Author

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Nate Crandall


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Stephen (Beaver0)

Co-founder, COO

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David (DaTurkeyslayer)

Community & Project Manager

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Edward Carpenter

Community Educator

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Our community hub is on Discord. As we are creating a very intentional community around the world of Sika and creative writing, we will publicly invite only through select communities and during events, and grow organically through community members inviting others. There will also be opportunities to be invited via our Twitter and Instagram pages, as well as our emails that you can sign up for below. 

We offer workshops for relevant communities.
 For collaboration inquiries, or any feedback or ideas (which are always welcome!), please message our twitter account.

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