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Sitka World

bring out the magic within you

Welcome to the next generation-defining fantasy ecosystem. What if Outlander met Harry Potter met Handmaid's Tale? Stick around to find out...


Set against an epic backdrop of mountains, magic, forests, and secrets, The Sitka Saga explores just what can happen when you harness your inner power, through the story of those who had the courage to change their world.

Sitka Frost is not one to settle.


It has been twelve years since the Fever ravaged Rúnsala's Northern Territories and left Sitka’s small mountain village reeling in its wake. Hope for a better future is available, but only across the border at the prestigious Sarona Academy, which no Northerner has been allowed to attend for over 100 years. After years of pleading, Sitka becomes the first Northerner in a century accepted to study the healing arts, but in order to stay, she must prove herself to the circle of elite Nobles who control the Southern Province. 


On an ambitious mission to bring justice to the North while concealing peculiar budding talents, Sitka’s dreams of impressing the Nobles are thrust aside when she becomes a suspect in a mysterious accident. Suddenly, she finds herself the subject of a scrutiny that could jeopardize not only her hidden powers, but the future of her people.

Nineteen-year-old Tanya Kedrov...

wanted nothing more than to be accepted to a prestigious university and leave her lackluster life behind.


Fueled by an obsession with the disappearances in her hometown, Tanya sets out to find a connection among Iron County’s history of disappearances, in the hopes that her research will secure her a better future. Her research leads her to a secret hidden in the deep of Minnesota’s wilderness, a secret no one else will believe. And when Tanya encounters the charismatic Sitka Frost, she finds herself caught between two worlds and in the thick web of ties that binds them together.


You can read the first 3 chapters of the Sitka Saga for free here:


We are creating the next mainstream multimedia fantasy franchise that impacts people with a powerful, beautiful story, incorporating technologies that allow for a more immersive experience than ever seen in fantasy before.



We invite our readers to journey into a captivating fantasy world. Not only is the Sitka Saga itself a carefully-crafted creative experience (having been in development for over a decade), but through our community and larger ecosystem fans are invited to tap into their own magic, experiment, and contribute their voice to the story.



Most readers or viewers do not have a central community to bond with fellow fans and the author. Along with opportunities for paid fanfiction, regular collaborative brainstorming Story Hours, and a custom-built TTRPG, this is truly a community-driven story experience.



We believe that fans are integral to the evolving success of a story franchise and should have the opportunity to have a stake in the world they help create. Fans will be given opportunities to receive IP rights for new characters and titles they create, and resalable digital access passes to ecosystem perks.

The vision of the Sitka Saga itself is to empower people to accept their whole selves, and by accepting their true selves to make a better world. You can read about the origins of why this story was written in this blog post.



Book 1 of the first trilogy, I Am the North, will be finished as a manuscript and prepared for e-book, audiobook, paperback, and collectible hardcover formats. 


The book will feature multiple cover art variations, as well as interior illustrations, hand-drawn by our amazing artist Nate

Before releasing conventional formats of the book, we will work with Kosmos to publish the story in an immersive gamified web reader for our community.

For full roadmap and art details see our whitepaper.

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Once the first book is done we will begin a massive marketing campaign with authors, book influencers, and personal development leaders: all leading to a book presale event.


There will be various perks for those that participate in the presale, including some free digital access passes that will unlock additional opportunities for IP creation, early access to content, networking, collectibles, and gaming.


At this stage we intend to sign on a production company for the first TV show.​


After the first book is published, we will launch a "Bring out the magic within you" campaign to help readers share about their experience with the story. 

We will continue ongoing Story Hours (community world-building), choose-your-adventure short stories, and other events and challenges in our discord community.

Community members will be able to start creating characters and whole titles eligible for to be incorporated into the ecosystem with full IP rights for the creator. 

And as we develop a TV there, there may be some behind-the-scenes previews and opportunities along the way :)



Gaming of course is simply an extension of storytelling, in its most immersive form. Our vision is to build out Rúnsala as fully as possible in select metaverse and gaming environments, with meaningful story quests that tie into the story arcs of the Sitka Saga so that fans can more directly embody their own journeys.


Additionally, we have already developed our own custom text-based RPG called Tales of Rúnsala (ToR), which you can play in our Discord.


All this so far is JUST for the first book/season. We aim to create a generational IP movement, and keep creating content in this ecosystem our entire lives.


A strong story-based franchise has many additional growth options, including graphic novels, merchandise, clothing & brand deals, jewelry, IRL experiences and trips, even theme park rides - all things we envision.

Your feedback and contributions will play a huge role in where this all goes. And we truly look forward to that journey.

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Rae Wojcik

Co-founder, Author

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Rae is a fiction author, freelance editor, author coach, blogger, and journalist. She's been writing since before she could write (narrating stories for her mom to write as a young kid), and the Sitka Saga has been in the works as her go-to creative outlet for over a decade. You can read more about her work at her site, NorthernWords.

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Stephen (Beaver0)

Co-founder, CEO

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Stephen is an online entrepreneur, film professional, actor, and Web3 thought leader. While his professional background is in wealth management, he went into business for himself running an online marketing agency. 

He has also authored a book (Flat Fee Freelancer)


Nate Crandall


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Nate is a world-class artist, and an all-around good guy. Check out his Instagram. What more do you need to know?

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David (DaTurkeyslayer)

Project Manager

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David has years of experience as a Systems Administrator/Business Analyst and is currently working full time for Jamf, a global software company. His main creative outlet is photography, which you can see here.


Edward Carpenter

Community Educator

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Edward travels and writes extensively, having published several books. Educated in Harvard's Creative Writing program, he is a member of the Washington Post talent pool and has published articles on topics ranging from cyber security to suicide prevention. 


For updates, follow us on Twitter and Instagram and join our Discord server: 

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  • Discord

Our community hub is on Discord, where you will find updates on our progress, community with fellow fans, opportunities to help build the world of Rúnsala, workshops for story-lovers, and much more (note that there is a fun choose-your-adventure challenge to get into the full server - for those worthy)

We offer workshops for relevant communities. For collaboration inquiries, or any feedback or ideas (which are always welcome!), please message our twitter account.

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If you want to stay in the loop via email, we got you covered.

Additionally, you can sign up for updates from Rae's blog for creative writers, NorthernWords:

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